The West Marches

Attention Fellows Adventurers! Fear not the Goblins! (3/6/2017)

By The Mighty Morgraxx the Gladiator Bard! Party Garm, Garth, and Morgraxx

The pale human brothers(Garm and Garth) and I Morgraxx the Mighty Gladiator set forth to seek knowledge and clues of the goblin king (perhaps a forma table opponent for even a Dragonborn) that my fellow adventures have shared  stories of. My companions and I camped at the abandoned keep. On the following morn we scouted around the base the mountain and followed the smell of rotting flesh to the north . We stumbled upon on a strange sight. The body of a large feather flyer but it was missing its eyes and and feet. The trees were filled with smaller feather flyers missing the same body parts. The humans suspected a ritual perhaps but what do I care there is nothing to fight here but the human wants to draw. We scouted towards the mountain and the human kept babbling about a symbol of a misshapen hand.  I found tracks that didn't look similar to my own or the humans so  we followed them to a small hole the mountain. The silly human set a trap outside of the hole while the other human and I looked for more tracks. 

Once we all moved further north arrows flew at us from the trees. Finally a fight for the mighty Morgraxx! Fought valiantly we did! Even against the odds no amount of arrows to the heart or goblin magic can stop this group of adventures. The smart human was even brave enough to aid the mighty Morgraxx in my time of need and his gesture will not be forgotten! The big goblin carried a large strange book and tried to cast strange magic but it was no match for my long sword. If it had not have for the smart human waking and casting his magic into the ass of the goblin the kill would have been mine. But glory I did have for his frail goblin minions tasted the true breath of the bronze dragon! You could say they were very shocked to see me. 
I went back to find where the silly human was still fighting a goblin. Tried I did to stop the human from the final blow so we could keep a prisoner to question or even bait other goblins later, but alas, his eyes filled with bloodlust the silly human heard me not. The Warhammer came down with such a force even I did not know humans to be this strong. The goblin's head was no more then a green and black gloo. 

In conclusion of the valiant battle we collected what items we could. The book the big goblin carried appears to be made of dried flesh and the smart human seems to believe that there a something more to the symbol of the disfigured hand on the cover. Too bad Morgraxx knows no goblin tongue.  Maybe it's not too late for Morgraxx to learn the goblin tongue.
We fell back to Tunnel for the forest we fought in was raising in smoke. The trap that the silly human laid bore no fruit. I summoned a light and we entered the tunnel slowly. I did not make it more than 20 steps into tunnel when I felt my feet leave from under me and my dreams came to me. I awoke in the keep and the humans and I returned to the Grinth to share our story.



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