The West Marches

Adventure 2/24/2017 - Michael, Josh, Austin

D&D Sesh, Friday February 24th, 2017
Players: Falisha (Michael), Galinndan (Austin), Ezra (Josh)
GM: Bransen
= Notes =
Galinndan initiates the goal of hunting a relatively powerful creature.


-Elven monastary NE of town, ancient
-Abandoned mine where people go missing. something mysterious happened there.
- XX – Galinndan is interested in a keep nearby that houses a particularly strange creature that turns it's victims into playthings. he set out to find this creature and fight the beast. Ezra and Falisha tag along to join the mystery. The keep is small, located in the forest, and it's been a while since contact has been made. The keep is due north of Grinth, about 1-1 &1/2 days. We leave early in the morning and set out from the Ogre's Fist (tavern). We leave the gate, guards are reluctant and huff as we leave. Falisha pets the goats outside the gate.

There is an overgrown road that leads to the keep, it forks and stuff. We head north at a normal pace for 4 or so hours and the terrain becomes hills. Looking forward we see a treeline start to form in the distance, it expands far to the east and west. 4 hours later we are actually entering the forest. Mostly oak and mesquite trees. In the distance we see taller trees as the earth starts to rise.
We spend a few hours in this area as Galinndan searches the area for the keep. Fairly sparse when it comes to vegetation around. It is now approaching sundown. Falisha looks specifically for something shiny in the grass; she finds nothing of interest. We take a short rest, Ezra taking first watch. Ezra notes the lack of fauna. Falisha takes second watch, nothing unusual happens. 4 hours later we're back on the trail heading north. A few hours later we see a road split: there is a broken sign leaning on a tree near the side of the road. One sign is in dwarvish: it says "Grith". Another in elvish says "of iron will and strength" which seems to be the name of a clan or something. We do not know where the signs pointed to originally. Ezra investigates the area around the sign in an attempt to locate the original location of the sign; he places the sign into the place he finds and sees that the elvish sign pointed NE. He notes that there appears to be a sign that was missing. Ezra consults his book of lore and finds information on elvish monastaries being in the woods to strenghthen – what it was strengthening I do not know.
We head NE towards the elvish sign direction. We eventually get to an area where the land elevation increases and we continue upwards; it is still night but is approaching sunrise soon. We see a vague outline of something dark up the mountainside. It takes until sunrise for us to get to a better vantage; we see that the dark shape appears to be a stone building with rotting wood overlooking part of the forest. The base of the building is carved into the mountain rock. We are approximately 200-300 yards from the building. There is a roof on the building with weird things on it but they aren't moving. As a group we attempt to sneak up to the building, however the terrain proves too difficult for us to accomplish this. Galinndan spots some tracks that are about 1' to 1 & 1/2' wide & long with 3 deep clawmarks; it seems like a chicken's foot but a lot larger. The tracks lead into the building.
Falisha proclaims that the track was made by a giant harpy but is dismissed. Ezra throws a ball bearing into the building but nothing seems to stir. The party ventures into the building, Galinndan first with Ezra ~10 ft behind him and Falisha at the back. We enter into a long hallway with a door on the right hand side that has been knocked over. There are thick scratches in the door and in the stone. On the left side of the hallway are stairs leading up. Galinndan goes to the door and peeks in; the rook is large and full of barrels that have been tossed aside. There is a figure in the middle of the room standing, we cannot discern what the thing is. Galinndan draws an arrow and says "Who goes there" to the figure. His voice echoes and there is silence for an answer. He threatens to shoot if thee figure does not respond; it remains silent. Galinndan looses the arrow and hits for 11 damage; there is a loud crack and half of the figure slips to the ground and shatters. He then cautiously proceeds into the room and finds a second floor patio overlooking the room. There are statues all around, some fallen some not. He catches sight of movement then hears a loud screech! The beast is heading towards Galinndan!
Ezra shoots a small firebolt at the creature dealing 17 damage which is followed by an arrow from Galinndan that pierces the creature's neck dealing another 8 damage. The creature lunges for Ezra but misses! Ezra retaliates with a shocking grasp and kills the beast! Things go quiet other than the sound of a faint breeze blowing theough the open door and "windows". Falisha emerges from her hiding place within a barrel and searches the room; she finds an old rusty sword and a bag of 13 gold next to the shattered statue. Ezra hears sounds coming from upstairs; it is muffled but almost sounds like someone talking or yelling upstairs. Galinndan heads into the doorway that the creature came in from. The new room is similar in size and also appears to be storage. There are stairs leading up to the second floor balcony seen in the room before.
As a group we head up the stairs and see another door with scratches on it in a hallway. The statues all seem to depict people in pain. We hear moaning or something humanoid coming from behind the door. Galinndan walks up to the door and pulls out a handaxe before attempting to open the door but finds it to be locked- the moaning subsides after the attempt. Falisha calls out "we're friends!" in halfling. A reply comes in Elvish that says "I..who goes there" in a woman's voice. "How many of you are there?" it asks. The voice sounds like it's in pain. Falisha goes through all of her languages asking if the voice needs help. She offers to help the voice and keeps stating we are friends. Ezra does not trust the situation. The voice pleads that it cannot feel it's legs because they are stone and urges us to open the door.
After some debate we decide to open the door. Ezra casts fire bolt at the decaying wooden door to catch it aflame; the door starts to slowly burn. The person in the room complains, Ezra puts out the fire with a ray of frost and a waterskin. Falisha hits the door with her staff and makes a small hole in the door; she proceeds to put her eye completely flush to the hole and shouts "Hi friend!". Galinndan moves the gnome away and hacks at the door with his axes, eventually knocking a 3-4 foot hole in the door. In the room we see something leveraged against the door. Falisha crawls into the hole and sees an elvish woman laying face down with her body spread out. Her body is becoming stone, it has taken her lower body and is creeping up her body. Falisha drop kicks the door blockage and the door opens.
We see that the elvish woman is wearing a leather tunic with scratches, Her back is bare and bears tribal elvish tattoos. Falisha states that she will be fine after a while. The elvish woman asks us to take her to the monastary, a 2 day journey to the north on a mountain. She becomes fully petrified while Falisha insists that she will be fine. We (mainly Ezra and Galinndan) decide that the best option would be to take the elf back to Grinth since we were not outfitted for further travel. We successfully get the now statued elf down the stairs without incident. Before heading back to Grinth, Galinndan and Ezra investigate the building further and find a star-shaped gem in a bag and another bag of gems and a bag of gold.
The party heads back to Grinth without issue, however to the east of the path on the way home a pack of feline creatures was spotted as we left the forest- at least 5-6 and are about 4 feet tall and 2-5 feet long.

Venture Into the North-Eastern Woods

Party: Morgrax – Expedition Leader, Garm Grifworth – Scribe, Garth Grifworth – Referee

Departed from Grinth towards the north-east. Followed an overgrown path majority of the way. Encountered (and slew) a lion shortly before entering the forest-proper. Trees in the forest appeared to be full of nests of some sort. Came across a sign (which we were unable to translate) a ways into the forest situated along the path. During camp, ambush occurred by winged-woman. I don't recall much of the encounter as I was apparently attempting to venture into the woods for some reason. When slain this woman vanished in a green smoke. 

The beginning is near.
The Adventurers journal.

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