Falisha Tinkerbottom

Gnome with a deep love for evocation magic


I use the most powerful of all schools of magic: EVOCATION!


Falisha is a female sage who until now has spent her entire gnome life reading codex of history and magic. Born to a family of engineers, and being one of 15 children, she retained their love for knowledge but parted on how to express it. Her passion gravitated her to the most expressive and explosive of all schools of magic. Evocation. While her family manipulated the physical objects of the world and built trinkets, she sought out to manipulate the fabric of time and space itself to create wonderful explosions. With growing bored of her sagely duties, she abandoned her old dull life of reading about the wondrous arts of evocation to put her theories into practice. Like the explosive power behind all evocation spells, destiny thrust her into a life of adventuring. A life of the West Marches.

“penta-chromatic blaze, queen of destruction, though I promulgate the laws of nature, I am the alias of destruction incarnate in accordance with the principles of all creation. Let the hammer of eternity descend unto me! Explosion!”

Falisha Tinkerbottom

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