The West Marches

Saturday 3-11-2017 Adventure

Players: Ezra (Josh), Hilda (Bransen), Morgraxx (Timmy)
GM: Michael
Date: Sat, March 11th 2017

Hilda approaches Ezra and Morgraxx at the Ogre's Fist and spins a yarn about visions speaking to her indicating a danger present in a cave with a dragon skull. Guided by a pendant, Hilda guides the party to the goblesk hills, then further west. It takes us 2 days before we make it to the cave entrance in a field of wheat. The cave goes into a mountainside; the mountain is very large and part of a mountain range running north to south. We scope out the area around the cave entrance and cover our trancks, then head into the cave- Hilda first followed by Ezra then Morgraxx. About 60ft in we spot 2 small humanoid creatures in leather chaps with tails and pointed ears; kobolds. Hilda prepares to wake the kobolds after Morgraxx takes their weapons away from them. Ezra has a spell prepared to attack a kobold at the first sign ofattack from them. Morgraxx successfully sneaks their weapons away and Hilda moves in to wake the kobolds. Hilda wakes one of the kobolds that identifies himself as "siv". The kobold tries to scream but Hilda silences it. Another kobold then comes down from another corridor with a crossbow. Morgraxx kills the sleeping koblold and "Siv" tries to escape Hilda's grasp unsuccessfully. A scuffle ensues. The crossbow-kobold tries to shoot at Morgraxx but misses, then reloads and tries to run down the tunnel it came from. Ezra moves into line of sight and burns the crossbow kobold for 9 damage with a firebolt; Ezra's celestial cat familiar then runs up to the kobold and pounces for 1 damage killing the creature, clawing it's eyes out with killer intent. Hilda then shoves her sword into Siv for the kill.

We proceed further into the cave and find a small supply closet. Ezra attempts to break in unsuccessfully. We then come to a cavern that is too dark for anyone to see in. We proceed down a southern tunnel. Deeper into the cavern we eventually find a large room full of sleeping kobolds with a giant bonfire in the center of the room. We leave this room and find a pantry of sorts, inside of which we find a sleeping humanoid that is hogtied. It appears to be female, is short and stout, and is very bruised; she is a dwarf.  Hilda wakes the dwarf who seems relieved to see the human.  Hilda frees the dwarf, who's name turns out to be Prim. She has seen visions of dragons, the same as the ones Hilda has seen. She says that the visions are sent from Baphomet(sp?) the great dragon.  She mentions something about "Vecca" the silver dragon, and of finding a blue dragon that gave her and her party advice. Eshaedra was the name of the blue dragon. Apparently the blue dragon told the dwarf and her companions to come to the caverns promising that they would be empty- a promis that turned out to be a lie. Their party found a shrine to Tiamat, apparently a bad dragon. In their party was a rogue halfling names Tindra who had a special dagger- this dagger is a dagger of returning. Ezra is given this wonderous gift.

We make our way into the caves again and come to a chamber with 6 kobolds; we make the attack. We kill 4 of the kobolds without issue, then move to attack the other 2 which were unsuspecting the whole time. We kill one right away with a javelin throw from Hilda and a crossbow shot from Morgraxx. The remaining kobold is sliced by Ezra's dagger, then he runs away down the tunnel. We manage to kill it before it gets far. We decide to head back to Grinth before the other kobolds wake.




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