The West Marches

Dawn of the 4th Day – Eve of the 8th Day


Falicia – Expedition leader
Garth – Scribe
Garm, Ezra


Follow the northmost ancient road til it splits in the forest. The elven sign, pointing right, will lead you to a keep in the lonely mountains. Surely enough, a half-ruined keep will be there. Near the keep, you'll find a tunnel through the mountains. Take it, and you'll emerge on a cliff where you can see all the valley below. North from there, find a river, and follow it upstream until the monastery is in sight.

Day 1:

A dread figure loomed off to the sky towards the east. Has that always been there? Never mind, we made it safely any ways and the world is full of strange things. I'm just glad my sack came in handy, your welcome Felicia.

The keep we're holing up in is rather nice. Reminds me of my home in a way, I'll have to tidy. It's crumbling and half rotten, but still somehow sturdy. So it should make a good halfway point to the monastery. I imagine we'll be making more than just one round trip. So it's… concerning that the others just left this damn bird to rot. Did they just assume they'd never come back here? And they just watched me carry it out, piece by piece. They would have slept next to a two-day corpse. Wizards are odd. And so are these statues for that matter. But dead is dead, right? They're like furnishings, it's not so bad. On the way back, I'll have to tidy it up a bit.

Day 2:

Never trust statues. It's going to take me a month to get those screams out of their head. Ignore the resentful dead gathered in one place? Smart. We deserved that wraith. Ignore rumors of goblins? Smart. Thank the gods Garm had enough sense to still trap the place. And thank the gods I'll never have to demolish another stone body like this. Anyways we found some pretty disturbing stuff on them. A talisman and a book dedicated to the god: Magubliet. The talisman looks like a blackened, shriveled hand with its index and pinky finger missing. The book has the same emblem and is bound in some sort of dried skin. Reads as:





Which sums up a lot of what we were worried about. There were 6 black marks, which I can only assume is a head count.

Day 3:

The monastery is actually there. It's on the mountain at the foot of a forest greener than anything you'd ever see. The place is pretty modest, but far from the ruins I expected. A covenant of tattoo'd elves who worship Morzhu lead a monastic order here. They believe in suffering in life, but it sounds like they just have a lazy god to me. Maglubiet sounds a lot more direct with his followers, but to each their own. There are only elves here, and they only speak Elvish? How we're going to be able to learn more from these guys, I'll never know. But Ezra did manage to translate a few points of interest. The goblin king isn't such a rumor, for one. Though we could tell after the book, it was still nice to have the assurance that he is not to be trifled with. He hides in the Goblesk hills where there are warrens upon warrens of his followers. The Dwarven construct Epoch mentioned may actually be friendly, too. Their elder, Mongo, said that the dwarves have never attacked humans or elves. They made it to avoid goblins. Which is all the more reason to be careful around them if even the dwarves are fearful. The dwarves are said to hail from Magloc a long time ago. But it looks ruined now. We couldn't see much beyond the haze. But mongo told me that dwarves ruined the place with magical experiments. Shame. Lastly, the figure to the east may be connected to the "winged towers of aetheria" but that's all we know. And that's all we could find out before we needed to return to Grinth.

Day 4:

Foot slogging all day, good. A chance to actually think without being bothered by danger or conversation.




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